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Brian Ortega Graphic Design

Brian Ortega's current and recent graphic design projects. We create videos, take photos, and design branding for other businesses.
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It has been a year since I was let go from my job of 13 years. So there I was hustling, snagging a few gigs here and there. But not enough to sustain the family. I was collecting unemployment checks that I had to fight to get. And for the first time ever and admitting it now- receiving food stamps. That was quite a huge pill to swallow. It felt just like after I graduated from UCSB in 1999. My wife was juggling 2 jobs while I stayed at her grandma's taking care of the baby. Quite a dagger at a man's pride.
      But now I have 3 boys, a mortgage, a car payment, not to mention all the other bills attached. I'm still gung-ho about pursuing my endeavors into having a full-time photography/ video gig but in the mean time (in between time), I'm taking my talents to Victorville and am working at Valley Hi Toyota. It's pretty awesome. I've reworked the logo, created new stickers, re-invented the typical pre-owned car photos, and am leading production on in-house commercial-style promotions for our vehicles.  That's just a few things I've been able to do with more to come. Stay tuned and feel free to contact me for your design/photo/video needs.
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Magana Tax
March and April is a hectic time. We tend to juggle more than we can handle. Activities are finishing up; others are just starting. Then we want to do some Spring cleaning too! Crazy. This especially is an even more hectic time for tax accountants. Magana & Associates is such a business. We have been working for a couple of years branding this company to be different from the normal gambit of boring suits and drab colors of accountants. Why? Because Vina Magana is not an ordinary accountant. She is vibrant, spry, full of energy, and actually makes doing your taxes actually kind of fun.
So when the office calls and tells us that so many of the clients are impressed with their Facebook page and website it feels pretty darn good. We decided to use some photos as marketing material for the company and in doing so letting her clients know that a smile goes a mile in business. Call us today to see how we can help with your marketing and branding.
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I like bees. When I was a kid I used to either swat them away from getting close to me, or if I saw one on the ground I would stomp on it. I asked for forgiveness for that. My mentality was, "It's either them or me."
But now,  I respect bees. I appreciate what they do for the environment, and in turn helping us out. bee
At times, we seem to bee busy, but much of that time is not beneficial, to us, to our family, and to the environment. But there are those special times when we do something, we flutter around, and by doing so, we help others out. This week in my persistence to create a full-fledged photo & design company, we were able to help some families out- and in part help their businesses out, which comes full circle to go back to helping society out. I can' t explain now- but just thank a bee next time you see one...
Just don't get too close.
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Well, it's been 4 months since I was fired from my job of 14 years.  And I'm still here. I'm still eating, I still have a roof over my head, and more importantly my family still respects me. You know when you find yourself in your cubicle and ask, "Is this it? Is this where I'm going to work for the rest of my working days?cublcle.
I was good at my job. No, I was stellar at my job. So confident that I was safe for years to come that I would go out to lunch and wonder if I would find a reason, or find another gig so I could leave my safe haven.
Never in my wildest dreams would I think my boss would even want to conjure up a reason to let me go... But he did. And now my crossroads is imminent. Do I look for another job? Career? School? Or finally do what I said I was going to do- start my business?
       I have years of experience of bringing stories to life. Even since I hated, no abhorred math I knew I had to find something to do. I love movies. I love films. I love stopping real life and diving into a story that can take my mind to another level. I want that. I want  businesses, companies, entrepreneurs to take their jobs to another level. Story-telling does that. The fact that something in their lives can take up that much of their time and  effort is a story waiting to get out. So can I help? Can Human Bean Productions help? Can my business be a part of yours?